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Studies applicable to all cats and all aspects pertaining to feline health are encouraged. In this grant cycle, Winn Feline Foundation has an immediate interest in projects that address issues in nutrition and behavior. The sponsor has also dedicated funds for research in feline infectious peritonitis (Bria Fund) and heart disease along with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (Ricky Fund). In addition to the aforementioned funds, current breed specific special funds are available for Norwegian Forest Cat and Persian HCM studies, Birman heart disease studies, health issues in Abyssinians, and amyloidosis in Siamese-related breeds. Additional funding is available for research related to diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of inflammatory disease or abdominal cancer (liver, pancreas, intestinal tract) in cats.

Special Note: Please be advised of the availability of two New Feline Investigator Grant Awards (see bottom of attached Proposal Announcement):

  1. A New Feline Investigator Grant Award was established by Winn Feline Foundation in 2017.  One grant will be awarded for the maximum amount of $15,000 with $13,000 available for research and $2,000 available for travel expenses to present the study results at a major veterinary conference.
  2. A Feline Genomics New Investigator Grant Award (special emphasis- sponsored): Winn Feline Foundation, in collaboration with Wisdom Health, seeks to support the emerging field of feline genomics through the funding of a New Investigator whose research focus will enhance our understanding of feline genomics as it applies to feline health. The maximum award amount of the Feline Genomics New Investigator Award will be $15,000 (similar budget conditions apply).

Candidates for the two awards mentioned above must be in a DVM/PhD program pathway at a college or school of veterinary medicine which currently applies for grants from Winn along with having an interest and working in feline health research. The candidates must be the primary principal investigator on the project and should select the application box for YES to apply for the New Feline Investigator Award on the 2020 Winn Grant cover sheet.


Maximum Project Value

The maximum grant amount is $25,000, and awards will be determined in March 2020. Multi-year proposals totaling more than $25,000 will not be considered. However, continuation of studies funded in previous years will be considered.


Monday, December 2, 2019 - 11:59pm

Applicant to submit a copy of application along with a copy of OR5 form to:

External Deadline

Applicant to submit  electronic proposal as ONE complete Microsoft Word document to

See 2020 Winn Grant Proposal Announcement attachment


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