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Scholarships and Awards

To encourage and recognize high scholastic achievement, Acadia University offers scholarships and awards to incoming students as well as scholarships, prizes, medals and awards to current students.  Current students will automatically be considered for most undergraduate scholarships for which they qualify. Some awards do require an application. We will email any eligible current students, asking if they would like to apply, and will provide the award details. Students who have been awarded a renewable scholarship may have the award extended up to four years, provided they meet the criteria. We will consider renewal on an individual basis for those students who are graduating from a three-year program and plan to return for a fourth year of undergraduate study.

Acadia Divinity College students are ineligible for funding through these programs and should contact ADC directly with funding inquiries.

Click on the appropriate highlighted letter to search by name or use the listing on the right to locate scholarships by category.

Prize of up to $30 | Eligibility: Professional Studies, Music

The G. P. Payzant Prize in Music. A prize of $30, being one -­third the income on an endowment, is awarded to the young woman under twenty years of age taking work in the School of Music who shall be most efficient in instrumental music.

Trophy | Eligibility: Athletics

The G. S. Atkins Trophy is presented annually to the football player who has shown the most improvement in play during the season. The award is the gift of the Atkins family in memory of their father.

Award of up to $1,000 | Eligibility: Athletics, Professional Studies, Kinesiology

Established in 2018 by Sherry Swanburg ('02). To be awarded to a returning female athlete. Preference will be given to a student enrolled in Kinesiology. The recipient should be in good academic standing and volunteer with community based fitness programs (recognized by Acadia Kinesiology Department) which utilize their skills to support the health of the community. The recipient will be chosen by the Director of Athletics.

Scholarship of up to $100 | Eligibility: Divinity, Pure and Applied Science, Biology, Ministry, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Med, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The Geldart Milner Memorial Scholarship is provided by Mrs. Kathleen Milner Geldart in memory of her parents, Kenneth Wellington Milner and Martha Steeves Milner, and her sister, Olive Blossom Milner, is available to a needy and deserving student preparing for the Christian ministry, medicine or dentistry.

Bursary of up to $3,000 | Eligibility: Nova Scotia

Established in 2017 by Rick Coulson (’08) in memory of his brother, this bursary is awarded to a student who is a Nova Scotia resident demonstrating financial need and whose parent serves in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Rick Coulson graduated from Acadia with a BBA in 2008 and is currently President at Coulson Contracting in Ontario. To honour his brother’s memory, Rick established this bursary for Geoffery, who was a kind, reliable and loyal husband, father, brother and friend.

Award | Eligibility: Athletics

Established in 2014 by Geoffrey D. Kott (BBA Acadia, 1996). Preference for these awards will be for a student-athlete who:

• is in his/her second, or subsequent year of the Business Administration program;

• was named an Academic All-Canadian the immediately prior academic year;

• has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher; and

• has otherwise demonstrated strong leadership and citizenship both in and out of the athletic arena.

For the men’s award, preference will be given to a member of the varsity Men’s Basketball team.

Scholarship | Eligibility: Graduate

The George Baker Tidal Energy and Environment Scholarship. Established in 2013 in recognition of Dr. Baker’s unique contribution to estuarine and tidal energy research at Acadia University. To be awarded annually on the recommendation of a Selection Committee to a graduate student who is undertaking Bay of Fundy environmental research with the Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research (ACER). Preference for students studying the implications of tidal power development in the Bay of Fundy.

Scholar-Bursary | Eligibility: Entering first year, Nova Scotia

The George C. Lohnes Scholar-Bursary is awarded annually to an entering student from Nova Scotia on the basis of financial need and academic performance. Preference will be given to all-around students from Sydney Academy and Kings County, respectively.

The endowed scholar-bursary was established in 2005 by George R. Lohnes, Q.C. and Valerie J. Lohnes.

Scholarship | Eligibility: Arts, Economics, Politics, Nova Scotia

The George C. Nowlan Memorial Scholarship ($1300) is awarded annually at the end of the second year, to a student of distinction proceeding to a major in economics or political science, or intending to study law. Preference will be given to students from Nova Scotia. The scholarship is provided from a fund originally established by the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Association and Friends as a lecture fund in memory of the late Hon. George C. Nowlan, B.A., L.L.B., D.C.L., L.L.D., P.C., Q.C., M.P. (former Minister of National Revenue and Minister of Finance in the Diefenbaker Government).


The George E. Bishop Volunteerism Scholar-Bursary is awarded on a renewable basis to entering or returning student(s) on the basis of financial need and academic performance. Preference will be given to all-around students who have demonstrated a commitment to their communities and/or non-profit organizations through volunteerism. The endowed scholar-bursary was established in 2005 by George E. Bishop (BCOM 1965), Chairman of the Board of Governors 1999-2004.

Award | Eligibility:Arts, Comparative Religion, Current 1st year, Current 2nd year, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The George E. Levy Awards in Comparative Religion are named in honour of Dr. George E. Levy, Professor of English Bible at Acadia University, 1947‑1970. These awards, which may not exceed the income from the endowment on which they are based, may be given annually to students who have excelled in the study of Comparative Religion. Awards will be applied against the recipient's fees at Acadia University.


The George E. Lewis Bursaries, endowed from the Estate of the late George E. Lewis of Truro, Nova Scotia, provide $1895 to assist students from Colchester County, Nova Scotia, on a basis of merit and need.

Scholarship | Eligibility: Entering first year

The George Gerald and Esther Briggs King Scholarship of $1120 ($280 a year for up to four years) was endowed by the late Senator James H. King, M.D., LL.D., P.C., in memory of his parents, the late Senator George G. and Esther Briggs King.

Scholarship | Eligibility: Entering first year

The George Gideon Reid Entrance Scholarships of $1000 are annually awarded to superior entering students. Mr. Reid graduated from Acadia's School of Engineering in 1923 and received the B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Nova Scotia in 1929.

Bursary | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The George Leslie Dakin Memorial Bursary is awarded annually, on the recommendation of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, to a superior third or fourth year and needy student who is registered for a mathematics major. It is provided for by his wife Evelyn R. Dakin (B.Sc. (H.Ec.) Acadia, '33). George Dakin was a lifelong associate of the Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defense.


The George N. Musgrove Bursary. A fund bequeathed by the late George N. Musgrove of California provides $80 to be used for the benefit of needy students.

Trophy | Eligibility: Athletics

The George Wilbert Cox Cup and Medal. Through the generosity of George Wilbert Cox (B.A. Acadia, 1880; B.A. Harvard, 1895), an endowment has been received to provide a permanent annual award of a solid silver cup suitably engraved to be presented on conditions set forth by the donor to the male student in each college year who has made the most outstanding record in intercollegiate athletics, other extracurricular activities and scholarship.

Scholarship | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Applied Science, Current 2nd year

The Gerald Leslie Eaton Scholarship is to be awarded annually to the Acadia student in engineering who, on entering the second Acadia year in engineering, has the highest record in the courses of the first year.

Award of up to $1,510 | Eligibility: Athletics

The Gideon Prescott Award was established by Amy K. Prescott (B.Sc. Acadia, 1924; M.A., 1933) in memory of her father, Gideon Knight Prescott, formerly of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The award is made annually to a continuing student in recognition of good academic performance, participation in varsity intercollegiate athletics and illustration of sportsmanship and leadership qualities.


The Gilbert White Ganong Bursary. An endowment to yield $475 has been donated by the late Mrs. G. W. Ganong to endow the Gilbert White Ganong Bursary, the income from which shall be awarded for two year periods to a student from St. Stephen or Charlotte County, New Brunswick, nominated by the school trustees of St. Stephen.

Bursary| Eligibility: Professional Studies, Education, Current 2nd year

Glenda and John Martin (Marty) Graham Memorial Bursary in Education is awarded annually to a student in the second year of the Bachelor of Education program at Acadia who demonstrates some of the qualities Glenda and Marty Graham demonstrated as teachers. The recipient will be a person in need of financial assistance who shows dedication, perseverance, intelligence and compassion in his/her chosen field.

Established in 2000 by friends and classmates of Glenda Graham (’78), the bursary preserves her memory as a committed and compassionate teacher with a wide circle of friends in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Belize. In 2018, Glenda’s brother, J. Martin (Marty) Graham (’90) passed away and the bursary fund was enhanced and renamed in his memory. Marty was a dedicated educator, having taught for 10 years in South Korea and 4 years in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He travelled the world by bicycle and shared with students and friends his experiences in the scores of countries he visited.


Established in 2016 by Acadia Global Brigades, a $1,000 award is granted annually in recognition of academic excellence and financial need to a student participating in Global Brigades activities at Acadia for the first time. The recipient will demonstrate through an application knowledge and appreciation of Global Brigades mission and vision and will have an interest in global health or sustainable development.

Award | Eligibility: Entering first year

The Gloria Fulton Memorial Award will be awarded annually to an Acadia student with a physical disability, with preference given to an entering student from Nova Scotia.

This Award was established in 2009 by Gloria's cousin, Chesley Fulton and his wife Betty, with assistance from family members and close friends, chiefly her life-long best buddy Beatrice Crawford and her husband Purdy, both former Nova Scotia residents. Gloria was born and raised on Portapique Mountain, Nova Scotia, moving to Massachusetts in her late teens to live with family there. She lived all of her eighty years with Cerebral Palsy, independently in a wheel chair for most of it, remaining cheerful and uplifting throughout, an inspiration to all who knew her. She travelled frequently to visit family and friends in Nova Scotia and Ontario. She was active in promoting the rights of the handicapped in her home area, and wherever she travelled.

Scholarship of up to $1,380 | Eligibility: Professional Studies, Music, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The Gmeiner Memorial Scholarship was established by alumni, friends and family in memory of Eugen F. Gmeiner, a distinguished graduate of the University of Michigan (M. Music, 1967) and winner of the National Organ Competition in Fort Wayne, Indiana (1962), the only Canadian yet to achieve this distinction. Professor Gmeiner was a member of the faculty of Acadia University from 1956 to 1977 and was University Organist from 1957.

The scholarship is awarded on the recommendation of the University organist, in consultation with the Director of the School of Music, to an organ major, but failing that, to another keyboard major in the Bachelor of Music program at the end of year three or four to assist with master class costs.

Bursary | Eligibility: Business Administration

The Gordon L. MacKinnon Memorial Bursary was established in 1993 by Mrs. Irene (Clements) MacKinnon, Acadia '32, in memory of her husband, Gordon L. MacKinnon, Horton '29 (1909 1992). Mr. MacKinnon was a partner with Crowell, Balcom & Co. (later Riddell, Stead and Co.). The bursary is available to a Nova Scotian student who is enrolled in the School of Business Administration and who has demonstrated need for financial assistance.

Medal | Eligibility: Graduate

The Governor General's Gold Medal is provided by His Excellency the Governor General of Canada to the graduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in their Masters Degree program.


The Governor General's Silver Medal is provided by His Excellency the Governor General of Canada to the undergraduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in their first Bachelors degree program.


The Grace Dean McLeod Rogers Prize, provided by a bequest made by the late Grace Dean McLeod Rogers (Hon. M.A., '11; D.Litt., '55) as a tribute to Presidents A. W. Sawyer, Thomas Trotter, G. B. Cutten and F. W. Patterson, is awarded annually to the young woman of the graduating class whose standing is closest to that of the winner of the Governor General's Medal.

This award has been augmented by the Canadian Federation of University Women Wolfville.

Prize of up to $80 | Eligibility: Professional Studies, Music, Current 1st year

The Grace Oulton Prize in Voice of $80 endowed by Mrs. Grace Burgess Oulton (A.L.S., '06) of Hantsport, Nova Scotia, is awarded annually in May to a student in the School of Music who has shown the greatest talent and industry in voice during the preceding year. Preference will be given to a student just completing the first year.

Scholarship | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Chemistry, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The Graeme W. Boswall Scholarship is awarded annually to third or fourth year honour students in the Faculty of Science at Acadia University, with preference given to students majoring in Chemistry.

This scholarship has been funded by Dr. Graeme W. Boswall (BSCH Acadia 1947; MSC McGill 1949; PHD McGill 1959).

Scholarship of up to $1,000 | Eligibility: Pure and Applied Science, Biology

Established in 2016 by a colleague and former research student, Dr. Anna Redden (’79, ’82, ’86), this scholarship recognizes academic excellence in honours or graduate Biology students engaged in ecological research on the Bay of Fundy, preferably with the Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research, and committed to public education and community outreach. Value: $1,000

Dr. Graham R. Daborn was for three decades (1973-2004) a distinguished professor in Biology and inspiring mentor to numerous students at Acadia University. For service and ongoing contributions, he was appointed Professor Emeritus in 2009. He was the founding Director of the Acadia Centre for Estuarine Research (ACER), a facility established in 1985 to focus research attention on the Bay of Fundy. During 1996 to 2004, he co-chaired the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership and, from 2004 to 2007, he was the Director of Acadia’s Academy for the Environment. He was also instrumental in the formation and direction of the Fundy Energy Research Network and the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute. Dr. Daborn’s extensive service on boards and committees includes the Atlantic Council of the World Wildlife Fund of Canada, Canadian Water Network, NSERC, Marine Renewables Canada (formerly OREG), and the Offshore Energy Environmental Research Association of Nova Scotia. He is well known for his generosity to students, his outstanding commitment to public education on environmental issues, and his many professional contributions to not-for-profit agencies and community groups. Honours received include the 1993 Visionary Award of the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment and the 2002 Outstanding Science Champion Award of the Discovery Centre of Nova Scotia.


The Great Wall Award is awarded annually to students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macao who have completed at least one full academic year of study at Acadia. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.33 and show levels of community contribution outside of the classroom. Preference will be given to students studying at the undergraduate level.

The award was established in 2006 by the Acadia Chinese Club.

Award of up to $7,000

Established in 2018 by David Huestis ('63), the Greg Somerville Award in Innovation is granted in recognition of exceptionality. Demonstrating achievement academically and socially, through community service, student leadership, and innovation, the recipients also persevere through adversity and have financial need. Available to full-time students who are engaged in studies in the David Huestis Innovation Pavilion.

Prize | Eligibility: Arts, English, Current 1st year, Current 2nd year, Current 3rd year, Current 4th year

The Gregory Doane Hatfield Memorial Prize is presented annually on the recommendation of the Department of English to the student who earns the highest marks in any creative writing course given at Acadia University. This prize was made possible through a bequest from the late Muriel Eugenie Hatfield in memory of her husband Gregory Doane Hatfield, B.A. (Acadia '27).

Bursary | Eligibility: Arts

The Grimmer-Goucher Bursary is awarded on a renewable basis to an entering or returning student in the Faculty of Arts with demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to an all-around student graduating from a high school in the Maritimes.

The bursary has been established by Frederic D. Grimmer (BA 1950 & MA 1951).

Scholarship | Eligibility: Athletics

The Gunnhildur Baldursson Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 1987 by the family and friends of Gunnhildur Sif Baldursson (1967-1987), outstanding student, gifted musician, and international athlete. The income from the endowment shall be used to recognize a student in the second or subsequent year of studies in a program offered in the Faculty of Science, who has achieved high academic standing and has represented the University in an intercollegiate athletic activity. In any year in which no suitable candidate is found the income shall be added to the capital. Preference shall be given to female student athletes, particularly those who have represented the University at soccer.

Scholarship of up to $320 | Eligibility: Arts, English, Current 4th year

The Gwendolyn Mary Hill Memorial Scholarship in English was provided by Dr. Allan C. Hill in memory of his wife who was a Bachelor of Arts degree graduate in 1924. It is awarded annually to the highest ranking student entering the fourth year of a Bachelor of Arts degree program with honours in English.

Award Type

Scholarships Awarded to a student during the admission process or during the academic term on the basis of outstanding academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement or leadership qualities. A minimum average of 80% is required.  For renewable scholarships, students must maintain an 80% (or SGPA of 3.50) in their first year and 85% (or SGPA of 3.67) in their second and subsequent years. Departmental Awards At the end of each academic year (after final exams-April) students are automatically considered for scholarship however students should check with their department/school to see whether a separate application is required.  Bursaries Granted to a student with demonstrated financial need which is determined by the Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office. Applicants must also be maintaining satisfactory academic progress in their program of study. The University has a limited amount of money available each year to be awarded to needy and deserving students in the form of bursaries. The money has been provided by individuals and organizations specifically to provide financial assistance to needy students who are performing satisfactorily in an academic program as full‑time undergraduates. Applications will not be considered unless the applicant is registered as a full‑time undergraduate student. In addition, the applicant must have explored all other possible sources of financial assistance such as parental or other family support, Canada Student Loan, State Loan, Higher Education Loan Plan, etc. Click the Bursary and Loan link located on the left-hand side for more information and access to the application form. Scholar-Bursaries Awarded primarily on the basis of both academic achievement and demonstrated financial need (dependent on Canada or US loans to fund their education). Awards and Prizes Awarded based on a wide spectrum of donor determined criteria which may be limited to specific programs or activities.


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